Global Responsibility Education ended successfully in Slettestrand, Denamark


Youth Activism Center (YAC) has participated as partner in the Contact. Making Event (CME) held in Slettestrand, Denmark on 25th October – 31st October.

The topic was one of the most important that world facing nowadays, Global Responsibility Education. 39 participants from 17 countries, especially Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Egypt, France, Georgia, Italy, Jordan, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Spain, Turkey and Ukraine, joined together as a big team and discussed about GRE. There, participants were able to share ideas and in the same time to get more knowledge. Activities, games, presentations, made this project to be really effective.

Kosovo was presented by 2 members of YAC, Altin Halili and Egzon Ismajli. They shared to us a bit from their experience in Denmark.

Altin says: ‘’For me it was the first time to attend a project like this. It would be pointless to complain at least for one thing. I am very thankful to the best staff ever who never stopped for a minute to make this project to go in the best way it could. From this project I have achieved very good information about GRE,but not just me I think the whole our organization has won by this project where we are thinking to do a debate at University about GRE. The good thing about the project were that everyone could share their ideas by not judging, everyone could work in a team,which really worked to make this project very productive.I think InterCollege has chosen the best participants who each of us were connected like a big family,and usually family was there for everyone”.

YAC successfully had done their best to get in a partnership with many organizations Italy, Turkey, Jordan, France, Croatia etc. We are thankful once again for InterCollege to cooperate with us,we look forward to help and be part of their projects!

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