You facilitating You | First Day

Today was the first day of the training course “You facilitating You”. Firstly we started to meet each other and and try to learn the names.

Than, we had the activity Walk & Talk, where we walked near the Danube river answering questions written and listening the other’s answer. We changed the pair on every question. Sometimes we discussed a topic in a group of 4 people. In that activity we got known each other more, which was the aim of the activity.

After that, we had a group buildinh where we as a group of 6 peoplr had a goal to build a tofer exactly 1.5m high and stabile against earthquakes and hurricanes. We firsly discussed in the group that the aim of activity is to work as a team and discussed how we can build it by including all in the conversation giving idea and discussing. Every 7 minutes the trainer stopped us to debrief what we did and how we did. After 20 minutes of work, we build a tower, just a bit bigger than 1.5m. Althought it didn’t survive the earquake, we achieved the aim that we worked as a team. After the activity, we had a debrief of it and a presentation of group building. We saw that we did too many processes to build the product from only newspapers, tape and scissors, plus human resource.

Than, we talked about the program what we will have during this week and thinking of the needs of us as facilitators and the needs of young people.

After the first day of the TC, in the evening we went to Schonbrunn. Of course, pictures haven’t missed :).

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